Yoshihiro vs Shun knives-Which is For What?-5 Facts to Compare

When it comes to bringing the best kitchen utensils, knives become the 90% “go-to tool” as it does almost the lion’s share of work in your daily cooking.

Perhaps! If you want to become a good home chef, you don’t need to bring a set of knives under the sun but there are a few must-have things you need to be concerned about.

Over the years Japanese craftsmen have been ruling over the kitchen industry with their appliances. They combine traditional knowledge with modern technology to bring the top-grade thinner, sharper & harder knives.

But the question is Yoshihiro vs shun which one to buy, right? To be very honest, there is no hard & fast rule to emphasize a single one.

In our Yoshihiro vs shun review, I will try to upfront you about everything like the key features of these two, 5 facts in detail including a comparison table of each, Faqs & so on.

But before that …..

Yoshihiro Knives vs Shun Knives: What & Why

What Is A Yoshihiro Knife?

Yoshihiro knives are high quality handcrafted Japanese kitchen knives. These knives are presented by the company Yoshihiro Cutlery and are running over some centuries. Actually, the idea came from the work of some medieval swordsmiths of Japan.

Even being inspired by ancient artisan’s works these knives are able to give a modern vibe. There are a number of knives launched by Yoshihiro to ease the chores of your kitchen.

Key Features of Good Yoshihiro Knives?

  • Handmade products are always considered high quality. Being handmade, Yoshihiro knives are known to maintain high quality.
  • There are varieties of Yoshihiro knives and the interesting part is each variety is constructed with different forms of strong steel.
  • Then there is single bevel and double bevel knives to choose from.
  • Each knife is elegant at work just like the exterior look.
  • The sharpness is worth mentioning.

5 Best Yoshihiro Knives:

What Is A shun knife?

Shun knives are well-known kitchen knives of Japan that follow the traditional Japanese techniques. Even though these are traditional Japanese inspired products they present an Asian aesthetic look.

Once you treat your culinary works with Shun knives you are going to love their excellence. Your favorite meals will get a new twist with the outstanding performance of these knives.

Key Features of Good shun knives

  • Well-known for incredible sharpness which helps to make ultra-thin slices.
  • Unlike all the European knives, these are very light in weight.
  • Provide a fine balance in all types of chopping.
  • The cuts are so strong and precise that no crushes or bruises occur.
  • Along with the impressive exterior looks, these knives provide outstanding performance as well.

5 Best shun knives:

5 Facts to Compare Between Yoshihiro Knives & Shun Knives

Fact 1 of 5: Price and Steel Kind

Both Yoshihiro and Shun knives are well known Japanese kitchen knives. To make the statement which one is over another, we must consider the price and structure material.

While buying any product we always search for the best quality at an affordable price. By best quality, it means the structural material is of high quality.

In the case of best quality knives, steel is considered favorable for construction. So to make a comparison between these two knives, we must compare the steel kind.

Price of Yoshihiro Knives

As I already said, Yoshihiro knives are handmade and follow the traditional Japanese procedure. Handmade products are always highly demanded. People search for uniqueness in every product and handmade products can give them satisfaction.

Being handmade knives, Yoshihiro knives offer a little bit extra rate. The price range can be $100 to $1000 varying by the material and quality.

Price of Shun Knives

Like Yoshihiro knives, shun knives also follow the Japanese tradition. But in case of price Shun knives offer quite reasonable ones. Along with the cheap priced knives, there are some highly-priced knives that are also available from the Shun Cutlery.

The price starts from $30 and you will also find knives of $2000 as well. The huge difference is because you can buy a single or set of knives with a variation of materials.

Steel Kind of Yoshihiro Knives

The type of steel used in Yoshihiro knives is mainly high carbon steel. In some of the varieties, they also use stainless steel and white steel. For your kind information, high carbon steel is the top-rated choice for making a knife.

Carbon steels strengthen the knife highly and thus strong cuts can be made by Yoshihiro knives. Professionals mostly prefer these knives for the steel kind.

Steel Kind of Shun Knives

The brand Shun Cutlery produces its kitchen knives using stainless steel most of the time. Stainless steel helps the knives in becoming lightweight and providing an easy grip.

Apart from the structure of stainless steel, there are some Shun knives that are made with high carbon steel. These are made mainly by keeping the professional’s needs in mind.

FactorsYoshihiro KnivesShun Knives
Steel KindMainly high carbon steelMainly stainless-steel including Damascus pattern
Comparison Table: Yoshihiro  vs Shun “Price and Steel kind”

Fact 2 of 5: Performance and Durability

No matter how well constructed the knives are, if the performance is not good then you might regret buying it. So before buying a knife or any product, you should check for the performance reviews.

Another important factor to consider is durability. In this Yoshihiro vs Shun comparison, I will let you know about the performance and durability of both the knives.

Performance of Yoshihiro Knives

Yoshihiro knives are always using the latest methods to increase their performance. The high carbon steel constructed ones offer high performance. They are made to perform in high paced workplaces without any damage or discoloration.

Performance of Shun Knives

Shun knives are such knives that can use anybody. Whether in a high paced workplace or in a home, its performance is appreciating. All these traditionally crafted Shun knives are enriched in updated technologies and layouts to serve an impressive performance.

The durability of Yoshihiro Knives

Japanese knives always come to the light for serving longtime services. In the case of Yoshihiro, it is not an exception. Most of the Yoshihiro knives are made of high carbon steel and the durability can be lifelong if they are maintained well.

The knives that are made by mixing both carbon steel and stainless steel enhance the durability most.

The durability of Shun Knives

Shun knives are popular for its hardened stainless steel structure that includes a Damascus pattern. These knives also provide durable performance. The durability depends upon the frequency of use and maintenance.

There are some knives by the Shun group that include high carbon steel in the structure. Those knives are known to be more strengthening and durable.

FactorsYoshihiro KnivesShun Knives
PerformanceHigh-quality performance both in the high paced workplace and homeHigh-quality performance in the home kitchen
DurabilityWith proper maintenance, durability can be extendedFrequent use can decrease the durability
Comparison Table: Yoshihiro Knives vs Shun Knives “Performance and Durability”

Fact 3 of 5: Usage and Knife Type

Usage of knives stands for the kinds of chores you can use them on. According to the type of knife, you should use it in a specific task. The type of knife and usage somehow depends on each other.

Usage of Yoshihiro Knives

From peeling, trimming, and chopping the fruits to slicing the filets of fishes and carving an oven-baked chicken roast, every task gets easier with the varieties of Yoshihiro knives.

The amazing sharpness and strength of each knife save time in the kitchen. Yoshihiro knives can be called a multitasking product.

Usage of Shun Knives

Shun knives are made to use in smooth slicing processes. The up and down chopping manner is not the cup of tea for some Shun knives. Most of these knives follow the manner of how a handsaw cuts a wood. That means forward, down, and backward manner.

Knife Types of Yoshihiro Knives

Perhaps you are wondering about the types of knives. But there are varieties available in the market. Gyutou or chef’s knife, santoku or multipurpose, sujihiki or slicer, petty or paring, honesuki or boning, butchery, vegetable knife, etc are the categories for Japanese knives.

Yoshihiro cutlery has put its step in every category. But Yoshihiro knives got fame for Gyutou, butchery, and santoku versions.

Knife Types of Shun Knives

Just like Yoshihiro knives, Shun knives are available in all the categories. Shun knives are famous for serving as slicers, bonings, and paring knives. Except for these purposes, Shun knives are hugely used as chefs or multipurpose knives.

FactorsYoshihiro KnivesShun Knives
UsageAll kinds of cutting activities including peeling, trimming, chopping, slicing, carvingAll kinds of cutting activities can be done but up-down chopping is hard
  Knife TypeBest used as chef knives, slicers, and multipurpose knivesBest used as bonings, parings, and slicers
Comparison Table: Yoshihiro Knives vs Shun Knives “Usage and Knife Type”

Fact 4 of 5: Blade and Handle

Before buying any kind of knife the most important thing to consider is the blade. The performance of a knife depends on the construction and type of blade. The type of handle is another important factor to analyze as well.

Blade of Yoshihiro Knives

The blade is the most important part of a knife and in the case of Yoshihiro Knives, you will find a variety of blades. Most blades are made of carbon steel and some are made of by mixing both carbon steel and stainless steel.

Usually, the edge of Yoshihiro knives comes up from 15 to 20 degrees. This range tells that these knives are able to provide a razor-sharp action.

Blade of Shun Knives

Shun knives are especially known for the sharpness of their blade edges. We all know that the less the cutting angle, the more will be the sharpness. Shun knives are sharpened to 15 – 16 degrees on each side of the blade. So it is clear that these provide an incredibly sharp service.

The handle of Yoshihiro Knives

Handles that can give the highest comforts are known as the best. Here the word Comfort consists of the material and shape of the handle. Yoshihiro knives use different types of materials for different types of knives.

Mostly ebony handle, stainless handle, and wooden mahogany handle are seen in Yoshihiro knives. When it comes to shaping, octagonal is preferable for Yoshihiro knives.

The handle of Shun Knives

Rather than using a number of varieties, Shun knives preferred to hold on ebony pakkawood handles for most of the products. The mostly used shape is the D-shaped handle.

There is a unique facility the Shun knives used to provide in the handle. To make the handle fit in the curl of fingers, there often remains a slight ridge on one side.

FactorsYoshihiro KnivesShun Knives
Blade15 to 20 degrees cutting angle15 to 16 degrees cutting angle
HandleEbony, stainless steel, and mahogany handles are preferableEbony pakkawood handles are mostly preferable
Comparison Table: Yoshihiro Knives vs Shun Knives “Blade and Handle”

Fact 5 of 5: Sharpening Method and Storage

After frequent use for a long period, the sharpness of every knife starts to fade. To avoid this problem sharpening the knives regularly is important. People take it lightly when it comes to the matter of storing the knives. But appropriate storage can increase the durability sometimes.

Sharpening Method of Yoshihiro Knives

For most of the Japanese knives, sharpening methods are quite the same. Water stones are considered the best option for sharpening any knife. The rule is also the same for Yoshihiro knives.

As these knives are mostly used by professionals these should be sharpened once or twice a week with the whetstone.

Sharpening Method of Shun Knives

Shun knives can also be sharpened using water stones or whetstones. Along with this method, Shun knives allow another way to sharpen or hone with. The Shun hone steel can be used to sharpen these knives as well.

Storage of Yoshihiro Knives

Storage is the most significant thing if you talk about the care of knives. Knives can be stored hanging them on the wall, using a block, or in a drawer. The last option is not a good one for storing knives of high quality like Yoshihiro.

It will be best if you use blocks for storing Yoshihiro knives.

Storage of Shun Knives

Storing Shun knives in or under a drawer can be harmful. Shun knives should be stored in such a place where it can be away from heat and water.

Knife blocks will be a good option for the blades. Apart from blocks, knife tray, knife case, or knife roll can be used.

FactorsYoshihiro KnivesShun Knives
Sharpening methodWith water stoneWith water stone or Shun honing steel
StorageKnife blocks mainlyKnife blocks, knife trays, or knife cases
Comparison Table: Yoshihiro Knives vs Shun Knives “Sharpening Method and Storage”

When You Should Go For Yoshihiro Knives?

If you are thinking of getting a knife at a good price for your kitchen then Yoshihiro will be the best choice. Though the price is not so cheap it has all the top-rated quality to enhance the beauty of your kitchen work.

Types of Users Who Need Yoshihiro Knives

Yoshihiro Knives are for those who really enjoy preparing foods. That means, if someone has a great love for cooking and spending much time in the kitchen then Yoshihiro Knives can be a great companion to them.

However, if we talk about professional cooks, Yoshihiro Knives are their first choice. The sharpness and hardened steel construction make every work easy. Moreover, people who need the best quality slicer can go for a Yoshihiro knife.

6 Benefits of A Yoshihiro Knives over Shun Knives

  • Handmade construction gives it a unique traditional exterior look.
  • The cutting angle is highly demanded razor-sharp to compete with any other knife.
  • The sharpness of high carbon steel material is beyond excellence.
  • No chance of discoloration or rust.
  • Can make perfect thin slices of meat and any other food.
  • Fits in the hand perfectly and very easy to clean up.

Things that Are Not As Good As Shun Knives

  • The price may seem a little bit higher than Shun knives.
  • Not so good for everyday home use.
  • The blades can get chipped after several uses.

Quick Tips:

You can only wash them using hands and after washing let them dry well.

When You Should Go For Shun Knives?

If someone wants a knife like a regular kitchen item and not for a high paced workplace, then Shun knives can be the best option. Shun Cutlery offers the knives of amazing sharpnesses at an affordable rate.

Types of Users Who Need Shun Knives

Sometimes we need the best products to prepare a good meal and impress the consumers. Talking about impressing family members and the best way can be cooking. So if anyone wants to impress anybody with ultra-thin slices of food, fruits, or vegetables then Shun knives can be the companion.

While cutting any vegetables or fruits there is always a fear of crushing or bruising them. But with shun knives, it is not going to happen. So if you are fond of cleanliness choose Shun knives for your kitchen.

6 Benefits of A Shun Knives over Yoshihiro Knives

  • Edges are amazingly sharpened to 15 – 16 degrees or even less and it ensures fluid cuts.
  • Even being made by traditional Japanese artisans, provides a western outlook.
  • Able to maintain a fine balance while working with these Shun knives.
  • Shun knives are made of super steels that give it a lightweight structure.
  • Boning Shun knives have the ability to remove smooth and oily fleshes from the backbone.
  • Handles are shaped in a way that allows it to fit in the hand easily.

Things that Are Not As Good As Yoshihiro Knives

  • The sharpening method is harder than Yoshihiro knives.
  • They don’t remain sharp for a long time so you have to sharpen them regularly.
  • You have to keep them dry after every use.

Quick Tips:

Though the instructions say Shun knives are dishwasher safe yet you should wash them with hands as the heat of the dishwasher can cause damage.

The FAQs About Yoshihiro and Shun knives

What knives do professional chefs prefer?

Answer: Professional chefs are mostly seen to choose Henckels chef knives. Between Yoshihiro and Shun knives, chefs prefer using Yoshihiro knives.

How often should I sharpen my shun knives?

Answer: The frequency of sharpening depends on the frequency of knife use. If you are not professional, then sharpening once in a week is enough.

Are Shun knives the best?

Answer: Shun knives are surely better looking, quite hassle-free than other competitive knives in the market. But there are similar options like Shun knives and those sometimes go over Shun knives.

Are Yoshihiro knives good?

Answer: Yoshihiro knives are definitely good in quality. When it comes to quality handmade products create a special place. Being handmade creations, Yoshihiro knives are surely good in performance.

Which is better shun classic vs shun primer?

Answer: Both types are famous for providing high-quality services. From the construction to handle type most of the factors are similar. But Shun primers are a little higher in price than Shun classics.

Parting Words

Yoshihiro vs Shun knives, which one is the best? This question is really tough to answer as both the knives are enriched in promising features. There are some basic differences present between them yet it is difficult to say which one is better.

Yoshihiro knives are best for some specific facilities and Shun knives are best for some other specific facilities. Depending on your needs and budget, you can choose the one for you.

The relation between a cook (whether professional or not) and a knife is very special. So before coming to any conclusion, hold on a second, read this whole article and decide.

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